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Giveaway is closed! Thanks for participating. Stay tuned…

I promised that I would give away an ARC of SEVER as soon as I hit 7,000 fans on twitter, and by gosh, somehow you guys managed to convince 7,000 people to follow me. I don’t know how you did it. Maybe you threatened with tickles. Maybe you told them I was a fanpage for strawberry syrup. Maybe they owed you a favor on their daughter’s wedding day. However it happened, I have 7,000 glorious, sparkly people following me around on twitter.

And to say thanks, I’m hosting an international giveaway for an ARC of SEVER! All you have to do is tweet/facebook/tumblr/whatever about it with a link to this blog post (if you’re on goodreads, please link and comment on as goodreads comments will NOT be counted).

Winner will be chosen using a random number generator.

Here are the terms:

One entry per person.

SEVER ARCs are still being printed and it will be up to my publisher when I’m able to actually start distributing them. So there may be a bit of a wait before it ships. Sorry about that!

Please please PLEASE check back to see if you’ve won! More than once, I’ve had unclaimed prizes and I can’t get in touch with the winner. It is your responsibility to check back when the winners are announced and email me with your mailing address. If I don’t hear from you in a week, I’ll assume you either lost interest or were eaten by a giant rabbit, and I’ll choose another winner.

I’ll be choosing a winner on July 6th at some point, so check back, tell friends, go forth and be glorious!

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  1. I want, and love Your books! :)

  2. Jennzah says:

    i shared your post on my fb : :) so exciting!

  3. Rachel B says:

    Entered! Going for the low number victory.


  4. Carina Olsen says:

    Ahh! You are the best, Lauren. <3 I adore you. There is no wonder you reached 7,000 followers :D You should have many more, though. :) Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway. <3 *Hugs* Also, keeping my fingers crossed at all times. Cause I need this ARC. I really do. Tweeted here:
    Love, Carina

  5. Samantha says:

    Do we leave the comment thing here again? Showing the link to where we posted?

  6. What perfect timing to hit 7,000 twitter followers, after the Sever cover release! Thank you so much for the giveaway! I am dying to read how this series ends! :)

  7. Samantha says:

    Apparently…heaven help me…

  8. AmyC says:

    me me me

  9. Yea so happy you hit 7,ooo Lauren. you truly deserve it with such beautiful books and beautiful covers. :)

  10. Ania Tesmer says:

    I tweet it!/aniolec , this book wil be awesome! :D

  11. Tiff says:

    LOVE love love the green cover. Can’t wait to read this! Tweeted about the contest here:

  12. Natalie says:

    I hope you’re happy, ma’am. You’re making a bunch of people happy with this, including me. :D I tweeted here :

    :3 *crosses fingers hoping it will be me*

  13. Paula says:

    I also shared this on my Facebook :D

  14. Erica says:

    Oh, I can’t wait! I’ve shared this post on my FB page,

  15. Grace Radford says:

    please enter me. :]

  16. Antoinette Soto says:

    I have twitted about this on / and also posted a comment on my facebook page about this wonderful giveaway under Antoinette Soto. Thank you for such a great giveaway.

  17. Josephine says:

    Tweeted about your post here:
    I’d so love to win!!

  18. Amanda says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. “Rowen.”

    A name that haunts me to this very day…This is also the line in the novel that caused me to throw my e reader across the room in a toddler like fit (which still lingers inside). I am sure that I have forever frightened my fiance with my “grrs”; huffs and puffs that went with the fit, as this happened at precisely 2am.

    I have since picked the e reader off the floor and begun reading some mindless words that have been formed together in what they call a “book” or novel if you may;
    until the day I am revealed “sever”….Then will my mind be as they call BLOWN!!

    Congrats on your series Lauren, its a fantastic one that I am proud to pass to all my friends!!

  20. Ann says:

    Oh man! I’m so excited for this book!

  21. [...] Click Here to Enter to Win!!! [...]

  22. Julie says:

    I tweeted about it! Awesome giveaway. :) LOOK AT THAT PRETTY COVER.

  23. Jasmine P. says:

    I LOVE LOVE your Books! From the story lines to the characters to the Covers! I cannot WAIT to read the final Book Sever! It has Become like Angel Blood and I Am In Total Withdrawal ;)

    I Facebooked it :
    I Tweeted it:
    & Tmblr It:

  24. Kate says:

    I posted about it on my Facebook!! I really really really hope I win! I entered for the Fever ARC and had no luck..

  25. Meghan Bourgeois says:

    I commented on Facebook! I hope I win!

  26. Sarah E. says:

    I love the cover! As a teacher who has enjoyed sharing your books with students I can’t wait to read & share Sever.


  27. Sam says:

    I tweeted about it! Such a pretty cover. IneedIneedIneed!

  28. Rebecca says:

    Love the Chemical Gardens Trilogy! Can’t wait for the final one!

  29. Kathy says:

    I used Twitter to spread the word. Very excited to read Sever!

  30. Daisy de B. says:

    Yay!! Thank you so much for the giveaway! :) I tweeted about the giveaway:

  31. Jena F. says:

    Thank you lauren!! I love the cover and cannot wait to read it! :)

  32. Tal says:

    Thank you so much for the giveaway!!!

    My tweet-

  33. Aza Saku says:

    I cant wait for this book!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. lexibex says:

    Tweeted about it! (lexibexwrites)

  35. Heather Christensen says:!/heathermariec

    I tweeted you! :)

  36. molliekay says:

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Lauren. I can’t wait to read it!

  37. Love the cover and can’t wait to get my hands on Sever:)
    I Tweeted:

  38. Tessa F. says:

    Love these books! I shared this blog post on my facebook!

  39. ChristinaB says:

    Tweeted! Thanks, and congrats on 7000! :)

  40. Becky B. says:

    Can’t wait to read this book. :)

    Here’s my tweet –

  41. Dani Nguyen says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! Can’t wait to read it!


  42. Meredith norman says:

    I shared it on my tumblr!

  43. Chloe says:

    Hi Lauren, I shared your status on my FB page!

  44. Lucie M says:

    This is my entry:

    I love your series and thank you very much for the chance to win a SEVER ARC!

  45. Lindsey R. says:

    It’s so perfect I could die! So I shared this post with the world.

  46. Crystal Gillespie says:

    Here is my tweet:

    Can’t wait to read this and see how things end up!!!

  47. laura carter says:

    I tweeted it
    I realy hope i win because i would like, sell everything i own to get my hands on this book, i want it that badly :P
    I love your books so much so good luck with the release of sever and whatever you choose to do after :)

  48. Szappanbubi says:


    I’d love to win because I love the previous ones ,too!!!


  49. Blake Haysel says:

    My mantra for the next week: pickmepickmepickme

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  50. Meghan says:

    I’m so excited for Sever! *does excited happy dance*

  51. Megan says:

    I’m not sure if this counts, but I linked to it on my Sever blog post. If it does then:

  52. Desiree Thompson says:

    OOOOh this would be so neat to win! Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on the 7,000 followers.

  53. Deonimee says:

    Check out my tweet!

  54. Yay! Finally! This is the moment so many have been waiting for! Congrats Lauren! You’ve (almost) got an entire trilogy out to the world!


  55. Christy Mullins says:

    I tweeted

    I can’t wait for SEVER :)

  56. Emily Hinds says:

    I facebooked :) I cannot wait for your fantastic book to come out…sadly it’s the last.

  57. Juliet says:

    This cover is gorgeous! Can’t wait to read Sever!

  58. Heather says:

    Oh, thank you so much for this giveaway! I’m very excited! I posted about it on Facebook:

  59. Kat Spradlin says:

    I tweeted!

    I’m dying to read @LaurenDeStefano’s SEVER (I know, irony) and she’s giving away an ARC! Enter here: #cannotwaitfor2013

  60. Taylor :D says:

    Entered! Probably won’t win though. I’m like the last person to enter.

  61. Sam says:

    oops! apparently I didn’t put the site up! Anyways Beautiful cover! SO excited!

  62. Heather King says:

    I love your books and can’t wait to read this one. Your cover art is beautiful too! Thanks for the giveaway!:)

  63. jeri says:

    I tweeted the giveaway! @jerilee40

  64. Roxx says:

    DONE! oh how I love you Lauren :* :* :*

  65. Misty says:

    Congratulations on your third book. The cover is amazing, I can’t wait to read it!

  66. I tweeted about it:

    I can’t wait to read SEVER! I’m still drooling over the cover :)

  67. Misty says:

    Oh, and here is the link to my blog link :)

  68. Franny says:

    Yay! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series! I shared this link on Facebook:!/franny.young

  69. Kate says:


  70. Rachel W. says:

    I want it oh please oh please!!

  71. Kiana says:

    I feel I’m being greedy entering in another contest :P What a gorgeous cover!

  72. Stephanie G. says:

    I really hope I win! I LOVE this trilogy!!/1StephLynnG

  73. Kayla Graham says:

    I LOVED WITHER, reading Fever, and now dying for Sever! Thank you for this amazing Giveaway :D So glad that you reached your goal of 7,000 new followers! I spread the word about this post via twitter, here is the link to my tweet:

    Thank you again!

  74. Tyawna says:

    YAY! Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway!!!
    My link is here:

  75. Kelly says:

    I tweeted!!!!!!!!!!!! Must have book…

  76. Elena says:

    Can’t wait! And why do you capitalize SEVER all the time?

  77. Cassie says:

    I shared on my blog Facebook page, which will go through Twitter and my personal FB page as well :-)

    *crossing my fingers* :-)

  78. Tt says:

    Ahhhh! Thank you so much!! i hope I win but your awesome anyways!!

    I shared this on twitter:

  79. Lissa says:

    This is one of the few ARCs I actually do want, because I’m so keen to get inside your head again, Lauren (that’s not creepy at all).

  80. Shanella says:

    I posted about this giveaway!
    Fingers AND toes are crossed!

  81. LoliQ says:

    i’m soooo looking forward to see how the story ends here’s my tweet:


  82. Katy Nadeau says:

    I shared it on Facebook!

  83. Rebecca says:

    Shared on Twitter. Thanks for the contest!

  84. Hannah Balter says:

    How do I enter? This is so exciting!

    Here’s the post:

  85. Krista says:

    I am so excited for SEVER! I featured the cover on my blog today. I tweeted about the contest:

  86. The more I look at the cover, the more I like it. I’m curious to know if the green is more neon or matte in person, though!

    Shared on Tumblr:

  87. Hayley says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!!! :) I would love to win an ARC of Sever.

    I tweeted about the giveaway:

  88. Tina Zaman says:

    I love the cover & the series…so original!

  89. Shared on fb! Love, love, love the books.

  90. Debora B says:

    Thanks so much for this amazing opportunity! Can’t wait to read Sever! And can the covers get MORE gorgeous? *-* I mean, WOW!

    Tweeted about it:


  91. Colette says:

    Done & done! I want sooo bad but will buy it to complete my collection even if I don’t win.

  92. Joanna Ward says:

    MaY tHe OdDs EvEr Be In My FaVoR… to win SEVER!

    Feb. can’t get here soon enough. Thanks Lauren! ;)

  93. Amanda S. says:

    Heck yes I want one! I have my twin and mom waiting with me for this book lol so I hope I win. Thanks Lauren :)
    I shared on twitter

  94. Sayomay says:

    Facebooked it! XD I cant wait to read Sever!!/samantha.deen.7/posts/332452183500170

  95. deanna says:

    I loved the first 2 …could not put them down once i started reading!!! facebooked it

  96. deanna says:


    I loved the first 2 …could not put them down once i started reading!!! facebooked it

  97. Hannah H says:

    pick me! lol i can’t wait for sever. it’s like physically painful to wait so long

  98. Amanda says:

    I shared it on my Facebook page! :D If I win this, it will be the first ARC I ever won :D all appendages crossed!

  99. Becca C. says:

    So excited for the sequel!

  100. Chancie K. says:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!!

    I tweeted! –

  101. Kathy Riddle says:

    Posted on Facebook! What an awesome giveaway! I hope that random number generator likes me!! ;)

  102. Jenelle says:

    Lauren, love your work! I posted a link on my Facebook page.

    Good luck to all the wonderful fans!!

  103. Gabriela Beltran says:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway and for your fabulous work! We love you in Sweden!

  104. Krystal Maestas says:

    Been looking forward to this since you first mentioned it about 2000 followers ago!!/krystal.maestas.58 (tagged you in it!)

    Good luck to all of you wonderful and loyal fans!

  105. Awesome giveaway idea! Congratulations on the followers!

  106. Natalie says:

    I just posted on my twitter! Love your books so much! I hope I get picked ❤

  107. Randa says:

    I love the cover and I’m not surprised it’s beautiful because all the books’ covers look amazing ^^

    Thank you for the giveaway,
    I shared on twitter:
    On tumblr:
    And on Facebook:

    Thanks again! :)

  108. hana says:

    I posted it on my livejournal! :D Best of luck to everyone XDD including me :P
    ooh~ just can’t wait for this to release >w<

  109. Celine says:

    Thank you so much for the ARC giveaway, Lauren! Sever’s cover is absolutely gorgeous! Love the green theme. Can’t wait for February 2013!

    Here is my tweet link:

  110. Aimee Cook says:

    I tweeted about it –
    Thanks for being awesome!

  111. Lyla says:


    Shared on my tumblr:

    Thank you so much for this opportunity and regardless of the outcome, I can’t wait to read SEVER! :)

  112. Emma says:

    Brilliant giveaway! Love your books! Oh, and I LOVE the Sever cover, green’s my favorite colour so *Thumbs up* :D

    Here is link to my tweet:


  113. Stephanie says:

    I want this book in the worst way!!! Thank you for givibg it away:)

    I tweeted here:

  114. I posted on facebook! Can’t wait to read this book!

  115. Alex MaKay says:

    I want… no need this book! :D!/alex.vanblaricum

    Shared it on my Facebook!

  116. Congrats on 7,000 followers! I adore the Sever cover in all of its green glory.

    Here is my tweet:

  117. I love this series, and I got the first one as an ARC, and wanted Fever that way too, but didn’t get it. So really hoping I win this time! Here is my link:

  118. Elsie says:

    I would scream and jump around like a ten-year old girl meeting Justin Bieber if I were to win this book.

    just sayin’.

  119. troy says:

    i Shared it on my facebook

  120. Samantha says:

    Seriously, you’d have to be insane NOT to want a copy of Sever!

  121. Kerstyn MacLellan says:

    Here is my entry post. I hope I did it correctly?

  122. Stephanie says:

    Crossing my fingers so hard they turned orange.

  123. Pat says:

    This news is shared! So happy you’re way popular.

  124. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to read it!

    I posted about it on Twitter here:

  125. Lol, wouldn’t it be something if you have 7000 entries? Would love to win the Arc, but I’ll buy the book either way…can’t wait. I posted to my facebook account at: . I am listed as Beth Cutwright or lucyatmax. It would be a hoot to win!
    Thanks Lauren and congrats on the 7000 twitterers! I don’t tweet myself…I’m challenged enough with the pc! LOL

  126. Julie says:

    I entered. I hope I did everything right. Here is my facebook:

  127. Veronika B. says:

    WoW this is great I hope I have some luck time. thanks for the giveaway and congrats on the followers.

  128. Natalie Esquivel says:

    Just entered on Twitter! Can’t wait!!

  129. Cara Durnin says:

    God, I can’t wait for the last book!!!

  130. Tyne says:

    Just tweeted about the Sever ARC on my twitter page! :)
    I’ll mention it on my facebook page too at some point for good measure! I would love to win this <3 <3

  131. _Sandra_ says:

    Gah!!! I would love, love, love to win this ARC! Here’s the link with my tweet –

  132. Maisie says:

    So excited for this book! Fingers crossed :)

  133. leanne says:

    I twittered! Staying far away from giant rabbit fields until the winners are announced.

  134. Brooke says:

    Woohoo!!! So excited for the new book!!!

  135. Thanks for this AMAZING giveaway, Lauren!!!! I cannot wait to read this ^.^

    Here is my tweet!

  136. Jamie Kline says:

    Thank you for being so awesome and providing us fans with incredible giveaways! I tweeted about the giveaway!

  137. love the cover love the cover love the cover love the cover love the cover…
    Have been brainwashed into wanting Sever and I tweeted so I could maybe win

  138. Kauthar says:

    can’t wait! make them print the fastest ever!

  139. Ellen Faith says:

    This is incredible!! Thanks for the amazing opportunity!

    My post is here:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  140. Chen says:

    I can’t wait for SEVER! Thanks for the giveaway!


  141. Janet says:

    Entered! Excited! When will you announce winners and on what social platform? You are one talented writer.

  142. Sasha says:

    I can’t wait for Sever!!!

    Shared on FB and recommended to a friend:

  143. Amy says:

    Would love to receive your ARC of the new book and review it! Maybe even do an interview for the blog.


  144. Halee says:

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! I’m so excited for Sever! :D

    My Tweet:!/Hayy6747/status/218512489397223424

  145. Molly says:
    You are seriously the best author evaa <3

  146. niki winner says:

    Cant wait to read sever! Have recommended ur books to several friends now we all love them!

  147. Raquel J says:

    So excited for this book!!!

    Shared on twitter:

  148. I CANNOT WAIT FOR SEVER. Thank you SO much for the giveaway, Lauren! I tweeted about the giveaway here:

  149. Awesome!!! *hypnotized and mumbling* Must have SEVER.. Must… have… Sever…

    Shared it on my blog and FB via NetworkedBlogs:
    Sever ARC Giveaway

  150. Mary Beth says:

    I love ARCs!!! I hope I win. I shared the link on my facebook. (

  151. Beth S says:

    Shared the link on my facebook wall, too. :)

  152. Beth S says:

    of course it would help if I included the link…

  153. Jessi S says:

    On facebook nerf gun at the ready!!!

  154. stephanie carte says:

    I can’t wait!! Pick me!!

  155. Jeremy West says:


    But for reals, Lauren. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  156. Emma says:

    Ooh, fun! Congrats on all the followers. Your books are lovely, and you deserve them. I tumbl’d (tumbled? tumblred? Who knows!) it.

  157. Molly Frenzel says:

    Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!

  158. Posted on facebook :)

  159. Katie L says:

    Tweeted- Thanks for the giveaway- excited to see how it all ends!

  160. Steph Newland says:

    Thanks so much for this opportunity. I can’t wait to read Sever. Here’s the link to the tweet I posted about this giveaway:

  161. I love the covers to your books there always so pretty

  162. Shared on Facebook. :)

  163. Caitlin Mozzo says:

    Shared it on my Facebook, :)

  164. Christine A. says:

    I so wish I could have kept it a secret so it would be less people to compete with, but I had to share to try to win, so I did!! I tweeted it out :)
    Fingers crossed!!

  165. Lana says:

    I shared mine! Oh my goodness I want the last book! Keep writing Lauren!

  166. Annabelle H says:

    Wow, Congrats on the 7000 followers! I cannot wait to get my hands on the book!

    Tweeted it here:

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed! eek!

  167. Lien Vandael says:

    I love the books so much! I posted the link and really hope I might win. I also hope I don’t mis it because I am going to France next week! :( <3!/lien.vandael

  168. Marina Bekova says:

    I was so excited and surprised when I saw your post about this giveaway! Thank you so much for hosting it))

  169. Meg K. says:

    OHMYGOSH. I need SEVER now!!! And as much as I don’t want to share it… Here’s the link:

  170. Kerry Vaughan says:

    I LOVE the Chemical Garden series and I would love to win an ARC of Sever.



  171. Hilda says:

    shared it on facebook! I would love to win! :)

  172. I totally tweeted the heck out of this! Good luck to all who enter!

    Who WOULDN’T want to win an ARC of SEVER??? They’d be CRAZY not to!!

  173. Stacey says:

    Absolutely adored Wither and Fever. I cannot wait to get my hands on Sever to review for our book blog!!!

  174. Kirsten says:

    Posted on Facebook!!/kirsten.brassard

    Thanks for the contests, Lauren!

  175. Marie Szymanski says:

    Great idea!!!

    Posted on Facebook :)

  176. I shared on FACEBOOK :) edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom

  177. Julie Mecler says:

    I can’t wait to read this book! It. is. killing. me.

  178. NatashaMay says:

    Wow! I just finished reading Wither and I loved it! :) Thanks so much for the chance to win the final book. :)

  179. Erin Zarro says:

    I’m in! Posted to Facebook!!/erinwrites


  180. Katie Vayens says:

    I want to win so bad!!!!!!!

  181. OMG!!! you are the best writer in the world! im almost done with Wither and it is amazing! i would so love it if i can get the next book!

  182. Cindy Abel says:

    IF don’t win an ARC of Sever, would bookplates be consolation prizes?
    I could use 3 to put in my copies of Wither, Fever, and Sever(when I buy Sever in Feb!)

  183. Jenna says:

    I RT’d your tweet from my account @JenniferBWhite. :)

  184. Lauren Goff says:

    So excited about this book! :D I love this series and your books have such gorgeous covers!


  185. Mikayla says:

    WOW! You have a crap load of fans, i had to scrowl so far down for this! :) LOL! I cant wait to read SEVER though! I would have never guessed it was going to be green though :) My Tweet: i tagged ya, so…i hope that counts?

  186. Sarah says:

    Awesome giveaway, thanks for the chance! Shared the link on facebook:

  187. Courtney says:

    I just posted it on my twitter @bookaholicsxoxo and I cannot wait for this book!!!!!

    • Courtney .. You are suppose to provide a link as proof. I just wanted to tell you because i would hate for you not to win just because you didn’t provide the link. I know i would be crushed if i lost my chance to win :)

  188. Ahh! Can’t wait for Sewer to be released! Hoping I’d win an ARC copy of it!

  189. Dandy says: Tweeted. Can’t wait for Sever. Can the winner post a review online after they’ve read it?

  190. Mindy says:

    I blurbed on my FB page I will visit the S&S booth at comic-con in 2 weeks, i hope the will have some Arcs, or sample reader.

  191. Nikita says:

    Thank you sooo much for the awesome giveaway!!! I tweeted about it. :D


  192. Addie R. says:

    AHHH Thanks for the giveaway Lauren! You are seriously awesome!! I tweeted!

  193. I am dying to get one! Thanks so much for a chance to win one! I shared the giveaway on my blog….

  194. Madison Garber says:

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Can’t wait to read Sever!

    Tweeted here:

  195. Elizabeth says:

    Love your contests! Here’s my comment of twitter!/Rachel_9211

  196. May Abraham says:

    Here is the link to my tweet!

    Thanks for the giveaway :D

  197. Talia says:

    Oh wow! an ARC giveaway! :D

    If i win, i can’t answer till probably the 16th July, as i’m on an exchange! Good Luck all!

  198. Caroline says:

    Posted the link to my facebook!
    This is an awesome giveaway :)
    I need this arc! The first two books are afreakingmazing and I absolutely love them. What happens if the world ends before I get to read this book? D: Lets just hope that doesn’t happen!
    Thanks for the chance!

  199. Kristen says:

    Congrats on so many followers! Retweeted your link.

  200. Kelly Mills says:

    I tweeted:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  201. Angelya says:

    I tweeted too :)
    Best of luck with Sever and grats on your followers Lauren!

  202. Jessica Taylor says:

    Can’t wait for Sever, Lauren!

  203. s.e. smith says:

    After all the teasers you’ve been posting on Instagram, I can’t contain myself.

  204. kah_cherub says:

    That cover!! *-* I just reread Wither and Fever, so I can’t wait to get my hands on Sever to review it! :) *wipes drool*

    I tweeted:

  205. Ashley says:

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! All my fingers and toes and are crossed!

    My Tweet:

  206. Christy Mullins says:

    I cannot wait for this book!!!!

    I tweeted:

  207. Shared on Facebook :) Thanks for giving us a chance to win, Lauren!

  208. Melanie says:

    I love your books and I can’t wait to read Sever.

  209. Ems says:

    Tweeted it!

    I can’t wait for this book…will be SO good!

  210. Sarah Vela says:

    Love you books! I posted it on my Facebook. :)!/TwilightMom1

  211. Alina Bafumo says:

    How do I enter to win free stuff. Can’t wait for Sever.

  212. Chelsea says: Shared it on my Facebook! So excited!!

  213. whitewolfreads says:

    Congrats on 7000 followers!!! I tweeted

  214. RaeAnna says:

    Here’s my link posted on my FB page. Good Luck to me!!

  215. Amy says:

    I don’t tweet but I do fb. Love your books and can’t wait to find out how it all concludes even though we will miss the characters and their world.

  216. Kat says:

    There! I posted. So excited!

  217. Oh, wow! I *love* this cover!!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on the shiny!!!!!!!!


  218. Kaitlyn says:!/Kaitlyn.Favreau92
    Posted it on Facebook! I love your books!!!

  219. Angelica says:

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