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The winner of the THE HALLOWED ONES ARC goes to comment #100: Rosa who tweeted here:!/FarPastMidnight/status/202013780513800192

The 15 bookmark winners are:

Comment #15: Katrina!/klc72720/status/199873577313509377

Comment #29 Rachel!/readwriteramble/status/199627408381444097

Comment #22 Lente

Comment #131 Darla

Comment #136 Grace

Comment #77 Lucille!/LucillePalma/status/200304143716458497

Comment #165 Kiana

Comment #119 Amy K!/StatesOfDecay/status/204788194405912576

Comment #81 Stephanie!/EdwardsBloodTpe/status/200669795400683520

Comment #152 Amber

Comment #7 Samantha!/sandrus52

Comment #69 Tal!/kyo0chan/status/199945007954800641

Comment #63 TheDaydreamer3!/TheDaydreamer3/status/199894977474600961

Comment #42 Lisa!/Miz_Maliciouz/status/199692824243998722

Comment #49 Michelle!/mikiao/status/199769900556881920

The winning numbers were chosen using the random number generator at If your name is listed above, please email me with your mailing address at lauren (at) laurendestefano (dot) com! Please be sure to include your name as you’d like it to appear on the envelope as well. A lot of people forget to give me their names, and it’s a little awkward writing “Er, blogger person” on the envelope! ;) I’ll try my best to get these in the mail this week, or early next week.

Didn’t win? Check back soon; I’ll be doing more giveaways when I have something for you guys! And remember, I’ll be giving away an ARC of SEVER as soon as I reach 7,000 followers on Twitter!!/LaurenDeStefano

6 Comments to “THE HALLOWED ONES winners announced!”

  1. Laura Bickle says:

    Thank you so much for running this wonderful contest, Lauren! :-)

  2. Lisa says:

    So excited to have won!

  3. cheryl says:

    You’re awesome!

  4. Sudha says:

    Yay! So excited for the next contest- Sever. I will so stay on your blog and wait for the post! Aaannd… I did some research on Goodreads and found *drumroll* your next book and final in The Chemical Garden Trilogy- Sever (which’ll also be your next giveaway!)

  5. Sudha says:

    Now how many followers do you have on twitter? Update…

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