By , on February 25, 2012


Dear My Home:

Thank you for being my home. You keep my cats and me nice and cozy. Without your roof, all of my stuff would get wet when it rained. Without your walls, vagrants would steal all of my shiny things. You may not have 24-hour room service, and your bathrooms may not replenish with cute little shampoo bottles or soaps each morning, but I like your picture at the top of the staircase that is somehow always crooked even though I constantly straighten it. I love your blankets covered in cat hair and your bedroom door that only closes properly in the summertime. I love your skylights that make the moon and stars look like they are in high-def on a clear night. And even though I am not nuts about the popcorn ceilings, I am happy to look at them each night before I go to sleep. Thank you for letting me paint and paper your walls to suit my whims, and for not complaining when I don’t mop or vacuum your floors as often as I should. Thank you for being my home.


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